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Posted by: Simon at 17:16:10
Yes, it is currently snowing outside my office window, but I just finished signing up for the Bow Cyclists for the 2014 season. I've been keeping an eye on the website, waiting for registration to open. Towards the end of the 2013 season, I was considering maybe looking at another club for the 2014 season, but let's face it: a fairly casual ride is what I need, not training for racing. smile

I'll be excited to get out and in the group on my road bike soon. End of April, weather permitting. It's not very permitting today.

April 14

Spring Is Coming

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Posted by: Simon at 08:41:30
Even though it was zero degrees yesterday morning, it got pretty nice by the time dinner rolled around. As Monica said when we were buying our house: having a west-facing rear deck will extend the usable season for it. She was right: I fired up the barbecue yesterday and was out there in a T-shirt enjoying the sunshine.

I also put Tammy's summer tires back on her car yesterday, after tidying and sweeping out the garage. I bought a proper car jack from Canadian Tire and with only a misstep or two managed to get the winter tires off and the summer tires back on. We bought a set of dedicated steel rims for the winter tires, so it was a four-rim change rather than having to get the tires re-mounted.

With that and getting our taxes out of the way this weekend, we are looking pretty good for having a nice long Easter weekend.

April 12

Gory Miranda

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Posted by: Simon at 08:10:37
Miranada's had a loose tooth for a while, and last night she got tired of it hanging around and yanked it out.

Bloody Mary? No, Miranda!

You can tell that Ian's impressed.
Ian grossed out
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Posted by: Simon at 21:18:54
Hoo haa! smile

Tonight was Miranda's second choir concert evening. This time, instead of Christmas carols, we were taken to experience the joys of summer camp. The choir concert was the story of a little girl whose parents sent her to Camp Runamok for a week in the summer. It followed the expected arc of girl being resentful, then starting to have fun, and then being very happy that she was there. In fact, I could have sat in the car and listened to Hello Muddah, hello Faddah... tongue

Miranda was in the choir again (in her pink hat):
Miranda and the choir getting ready

The stage with kids and sleeping bags:
The stage (aka Camp Runamok)

Some notes:
  • Miranda can't wait until next year: only the grade 5s and 6s get speaking/solo/stage parts.
  • The best part of the show was the nerd boy who was so excited to learn all the different kinds of knots.
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Mark it on the calendar, folks. April 7th starts the cycling season for 2014. It's supposed to get up to 16 degrees this afternoon. It was a little below freezing this morning (yeah, but it's a dry cold!) but certainly more comfortable than a foggy morning in Sooke. I was most worried about ice on the route, and it was justified. There were several spots in Scenic Acres and Varsity were there was meltwater that had run across the road and frozen overnight. I had to stop and get off my bike a few times, but no harm done. Shouldn't be any ice this afternoon! smile

Feels great. Totally different feel arriving at work after a ride.